S ince I was very young, horses have been my favorite animals. I have always had a passion for them. Even my best friend, whom I have known since kindergarten, still thinks of me whenever she sees a horse. Of my favorite breeds are the Andalusian and the Fresian, the Morgan, and of course, the miniature horse! Living in the suburbs was not exactly the place for horses in your back yard, (at least not in the suburbs that I lived in!), so I set my sites on a miniature horse. Trying to convince my father, on the other hand, was a different story. The horse thing never happened, but he did bring other pets into my life, including my second favorite animal, the dog, as well as rabbits, fish, hamsters, turtles, and even a parakeet. Later on in life I also had a ferret, but that's another story on it's own.

I  have always dreamed of some day having my own farm... horses, miniature horses, dogs, cats, pygmy goats, and maybe a few miniature donkeys, pot-belly pigs, a cow... who knows what else! Meeting Howie, whose love for animals matches mine, was a turning point in my life. Moving up to the Catskill Mountains to be with him was a first step towards having that mini-farm I had always dreamed of!

We are finally ready to purchase some property and have our own home, and finally, our mini-farm. We started looking into miniature horses and learning about them to get ready to set up a place for them, our riding horses, and our pygmy goats. Although we have a dog and two cats, a rooster and a bunch of chickens are what we consider the first of our Luna Farm Farm Family.

We now also have a pygmy goat, Puck, to add to our family. As our animal family grows, we will add pages and pictures for you to see.


I n the meantime, as we get ready to build our house, our barn, our ponds, and everything else, we will post more pictures! We would like to share with you our experiences as we go along and hope you enjoy seeing our Luna Farm grow and finally become a reality.

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